Automation without compromise

Data storage Up to 2 years of data
Maintenance 10 minutes daily, 10 minutes monthly
Dimensions Depth: 35 inches (88 cm) 
Width: 63 inches (160 cm) 
Height: 27 inches (68 cm)
Weight 397 lbs (180 kg)
Power 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Product Safety CLINITEK Atlas:  UL, CSA, CE, IEC
UF-1000i:  UL, CSA, CE, EMC, IEC (EN), EME, EMS
AUW Track:  IEC (EN), EMI, EMS
Sample Volume 5 mL in automated mode 
2 mL in manual mode
Sample Capacity 10-position sample racks, up to 10 racks (100 samples)
Sample Tubes 15-16 mm outer diameter, 100-104 mm length
Bar Codes Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar (NW-7), Code 39, and Code 128
Throughput Up to 80 tests per hour
Communication Single, bidirectional interface, connecting data manager to LIS


The products/features (mentioned herein) are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

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