N Latex FLC kappa and N Latex FLC lambda Assays

Add consistency to monoclonal gammopathy testing

Analytical Assays Performance

Assay principle Latex-enhanced immunonephelometry
Sample type Serum, heparin, and EDTA plasma
Measuring time 12 minutes
Reference range FLC kappa: 6.7 – 22.4 mg/L
FLC lambda: 8.3 – 27.0 mg/L
FLC ratio: 0.31 – 1.56
Total measuring range 0.17 –  ≥ 2,000 mg/L for FLC kappa
0.47 – ≥ 6,000 mg/L for FLC lambda
Initial measuring range 3.5 – 110 mg/L for FLC kappa
1.9 – 60 mg/L for FLC lambda C
Once-opened reagent stability 4 weeks
Calibration frequency 6 weeks
Precision Repeatability: < 5%
Within-lab: < 6.5%
Antigen excess security FLC kappa: up to 23,000 mg/L
FLC lambda: up to 57,000 mg/L

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