Radiology Information System

Interlinked information, at every step.

Rising cost pressure, staff shortages, increasing amout of complex data, and decentralized work environments: strong trends are forcing transformation in the healthcare sector – and your IT platforms have to keep up. Find out how our RIS can help.

Easy tools to build interactive documents (IDOCs) and clinical alerts yourself

Create time-saving interactive documents yourself. Easy IDOC tools enable clinical and administrative users to generate exactly the reports they need, fast.

Your value:

  • Be independent from vendor or SQL expert support for IDOCs
  • Run management reports faster and easier

Each case auto-assigned through Workflow Optimizer

Based on modality, subspecialty, referring physician, and priority, each case in the worklist gets automatically assigned to the most suitable radiologist via a user-friendly dashboard. This makes sure the workload gets distributed in a balanced way.

Your value:

  • Enhance clinical outcomes, improve staff satisfaction

New guided implementation tools

The new guided implementation tools reduce implementation effort and offer more control over your system.

Your value:

  • Reduce time and cost of implementation & empower your RIS administrator

System and interactive documents available on mobile tablet

With your RIS, the entire system as well as the interactive documents are available on tablets – making your staff more mobile and flexible during documentation.  

Your value:

  • Enhance patient and staff satisfaction
  • Eliminate paper-related mistakes and security gaps

Capture patient information like signatures on mobile devices

Your patients can complete and sign questionnaires on intuitive, easy to use tablets. For your care team this means: less scanning and faxing, reduced staff efforts and server storage.

Your value:

  • Focus more time on patient, less on technology interruptions

Personalized, secure, enterprise-wide access to patient clinical records

The RIS comes with personalized user modules: Your team no longer needs to search for patient information, because they have standardized access throughout the department.

Your value:

  • Provide right information to right user at the right time & save time and effort
  • Consolidate administrative tasks & make better informed decisions

Enhanced serviceability through active server monitoring and system

Even behind the scenes, new capabilities like active server monitoring will continuously monitor the server, and Siemens notifies the facility after issues have been resolved.

Your value:

  • Actively detect and correct system issues & minimize downtime
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