syngo.MR Onco Engine

Clinical Application

syngo.MR Onco Engine combines features that allow for efficient oncological reading and reporting.

Included Workflows: Onco Multi-Region, Onco Brain, Onco Liver, Onco TimCT
syngo.MR 3D Lesion Segmentation provides convenient volumetric evaluation of lesions
Onco Reporting: Each workflow contains a dedicated reporting template and oncological findings classification. Response calculations comply with RECIST and WHO Response Criteria


Additional Information


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syngo.MR Onco workflows structure large amounts of data automatically and quickly into layouts focused on oncology reading. Each workflow contains a dedicated follow-up reading layout (optimized for dual monitor support). The 3D Lesion Segmentation is particularly useful for oncology applications (e.g. volumetric evaluation of tumors, lymph nodes and metastases), but also for non-oncology lesions with sufficient contrast to surrounding tissue. Intuitive editing tools allow adjustment to the segmentation if necessary. The perfect match to TimCT Onco and the syngo.MR Onco Engine enables an optimized workflow from scanning, to processing, to reading.

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