A disruptive leap in non-contrast MR Angiography

Planning and execution of CE-MRA requires a high degree of expertise to prevent venous inflow and other artifacts, caused by suboptimal timing of contrast media injection, for example.

Set-n-go implementation

With Set-n-go implementation, "QISS provides an easy-to-handle approach for imaging peripheral arteries with little requirements for further adjustments".1 Additionally, QISS2 offers the potential to save operational costs of up to $180 / patient by omitting disposables, contrast agent and lab tests (GFR).3

Set'n'Go workflow

The software package for non-contrast enhanced peripheral MR Angiography is based on quiescent interval single-shot imaging.

  • ECG triggered
  • Robust, 2D non-subtractive technology
  • Set-n-go implementation (Dot software add-in) for easy application
  • Export all images in one series (Combined View, CT-like)

Our recommendations for optimized scanning results

  • Peripheral Angio 36 coil
  • Whole Body Option
  • Up to two Body 18 coils for extended coverage

1 Knobloch-ClinRadiol-69-4854

2 510(k) pending

3 Robert Edelman, MAGNETOM Flash #60

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