syngo Volume Perfusion CT Neuro

Clinical Application
Allows the user to differentiate hypoperfused tissue at risk from the non-perfused brain tissue.


  • Most complete 3D stroke evaluation software in the market – the only application with two calculation models implemented1
  • 3D Auto stroke for therapeutic decision without complex user interaction
  • No motion - Safe decision: Integrated automated motion correction compensates patient movements
  • All relevant perfusion parameters in one view, CBF, CBV, TTP and MTT
  • Night shift and 24/7 service ready
  • More confidence with 3D Tissue at Risk Evaluation: Mismatch model allows for 3D differentiation between Cerebral Tissue at Risk and Core infarct
  • Dynamic 3D evaluation of brain tumors: Distinction between necrotic areas and neoplastic growth areas


1 The deconvolution model and the maximum slope model.

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