syngo.CT Neuro DSA

syngo.CT Neuro DSA uses an additional non-enhanced CT (NECT) scan with the aim to automatically and quickly remove bone from cerebral CTA data. The algorithm works completely automatically and makes this application easy to use. This improves visualization of vascular structures in the area of the skull base and helps to delineate aneurysms and other vascular diseases.

Clinical Applications
This software can be used for suspected cerebrovascular disease and as part of comprehensive stroke evaluation.


  • Immediate switch (toggling) between CTA dataset and Neuro DSA dataset is possible any time during the workflow
  • The combined workflow CT Neurovascular, which includes syngo.CT Neuro DSA and CT Vascular, allows for immediate measurement of stenoses
  • Invert Image provides an angio-like view
  • Automated Vessel tracking with CT Vascular in the combined workflow CT Neurovascular
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