syngo Circulation Stenosis Measurement

Following automated coronary or vascular tree segmentation, the stenosis measurement tool allows for accurate quantitative vascular evaluation. All of these features are complemented by a simple guided workflow along with thorough reporting and documentation functionality.

Clinical Applications

Vascular patency evaluation in stenotic and non-stenotic areas. Utilized in the diagnostic workup of atherosclerotic coronary and peripheral vascular disease. Pre-surgical evaluation before intracoronary stenting or coronary bypass graft planning. Post-surgical evaluation for stent, bypass graft and vascular patency.


Quantitative Coronary Evaluation (QCA)

  • Single-click adding of vessel segments in all views including 3D volume rendered images
  • Automatic orientation into standard catheter views
  • Quantitative coronary artery stenosis measurement with intuitive reporting function
  • Free-rotating curved multiplanar views (360°) with updated orthogonal view (IVUS-view) allowing for evaluation of concentric or eccentric lesions
  • Dedicated plaque analysis feature – an available option for plaque morphology and density characterization
  • Basic stent planning tool
  • Bookmark function to easily retrieve working steps, making further reviews easy
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