How to store your personalized CT window presets in a syngo.via1 workflow?


Choose in a dedicated workflow e.g. "CT Vascular" in a MPR segment "Preset" from the bottom right corner menu.
Immediately the menu is displayed containing all available presets such as "CT Presets". (See image 1)
You can easily modify the user specific windowing presets simply by right click a windowing preset e.g. Soft Tissue.
Choose "Modify Preset" from the context menu. (See image 2)
Now the windowing preset dialog box is displayed. (See image 3)
To adjust the preset values set the following values "c" and "w": "c" (center) defines the brightness "w" (width) defines the contrast
For PET, NM, or SPECT images set the following values:
B (Bottom) defines the lower window limit
T (top) defines the upper window limit
To change another window preset, select the desired item in the preset name list and adjust the windowing values.
To save all changed windowing presets, click "OK".

TIP: The changed windowing presets are user specific and cannot apply another user presets setting. In the CT Colon workflow it is not possible to modify and save the CT windowing presets in the CT Colon workflow step. Therefore you can do this in the MM Reading workflow step.

For more information check the Help Menu F1 Applying windowing presets.

1syngo.via can be used as a stand-alone device or together with a variety of syngo.via-based software options which are medical devices on their own rights.