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”Get further“ VS. “Staying at the same level” – The CT Clinical Engines

Better understand diseases and make the right treatment decisions – with disease-specific software applications and scanner features on your CT. Continuously enhance your clinical capabilities by providing better diagnostic confidence. Improve process efficiency by saving working steps and make your entire patient pathway even faster.

Get further with your CT.

Because when it comes to patients’ well-being, our philosophy is second best is not an option.

Computed Tomography Scanner Clinical Solutions

CT Cardio-Vascular

Computed Tomography Scanner CT Cardio-Vascular

Save time and costs in diagnosing coronary stenosis – with myocardial perfusion evaluation right on your CT.

CT Oncology

CT Oncology Engine

Reduce work steps in lung cancer follow-up – thanks to color-coded display of relevant tumor growth changes.

CT Neurology

Computed Tomography Scanner - CT Neuro Engine

Achieve leading door-to-needle times in stroke diagnosis – by answering the key questions with high precision and speed.

CT Acute Care

Computed Tomography Scanner -  CT Acute Care

Provide quick and comprehensive trauma diagnosis – by fast rib and spine assessment in multiple trauma cases.

True Dual Energy

Computed Tomography Scanner True Dual Energy

Increase inter-observer consistency when grading stenosis – with automated plaque detection and characterization.

CT Guided Therapy

Computed Tomography Scanner Guided Therapy

Reduce the chance for complications in minimal invasion and surgery – by precisely targeting biopsies and catheter treatment.

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