Lung and bronchus cancer

Author: Cao Jianmin, M.D.; Lu Guangming, M.D.
Nanjing PLA General Hospital, China



Female patient with lung cancer and metastasis, diagnosed 3 months ago.


3D: 8SDR


Contrast media: Total: 16 ml
40% dilution
Injection: 2 ml/s
X-ray delay: 1 s

Post-processing mode: multiple, mainly MPR & MIP

Fig. 1: Conventional DSA showing the tumor and the bronchial artery

Fig. 2a-f: syngo DynaCT: Contrast enhanced tumor and bronchial artery by MIP

Fig. 3a-d: Reconstruction of side branches of the bronchial artery and myeloid artery shown (see arrow).

Date: 2009-02-10

Angiography - Case Studies

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